Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education

Also known as TLASE, Drug and Alcohol Course, START and DATA. This is the first step in obtaining a license in the state of Florida. Our professionally designed TLSAE course gives you everything you’ll need to get your permit or license. With innovative, proven teaching methods making full use of animation, video, and optional audio, this is Florida drivers ed built for you from the ground up. The course typically lasts 4 hours, but may have a longer duration if taken online at home.

Meets All Florida Requirements for the Drug and Alcohol Course

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The Purpose Behind the Florida TLSAE

One of the first things you are required to do when getting your license is to take the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course to apply for a driver license in Florida.

Any driver below the age of 21 years who has received a suspension notice for having driven with BAL (blood alcohol level) between 0.02 and 0.05 has to complete the TLSAE course if they need to reinstate their driving license on hardship. The hardship license is restricted to employment and business purposes solely.


Why you should take the TLSAE

Becoming a driver in Florida is a big responsibility and you should therefore get the right education on road safety. That is the key reason why you have to take the Florida Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) before getting the driver’s license. Even though there are several options, for how and where to take the course – including the conventional classroom settings – you will have made a smart choice by taking the course online.


The trainers mainly focus the subject matter of the driving course on dangers of drugs and alcohol use including the negative effects on driving tasks. Substance abuse causes drivers to make poor decisions that can easily cause harm to others and themselves. Most fatalities and injuries occur due to the driver abusing alcohol and drugs. The course provides new drivers with the information they need to remain safe when on the road.


Should I take the course?

You have to take the TLSAE course when applying for a driver’s license or permit in Florida – if you have never held any license before. That way, you will ensure your safety and that of others when on the road. Also, you will have to take the course if you have already received a suspension notice for having driven a vehicle with BAL ranging between .02 and .05 (that applies for people under the age of 21). In such circumstances, the course will help you get hardship license. Here are a few benefits associated with taking the TLSAE course online.

  • It will help you meet your driving license requirements

The most important and obvious reason to take the TLSAE course online is that it will bring you closer to getting your driving license in Florida.

  • The course is more convenient

The fact that you can take the TLSAE course from an online setting means that you will enjoy many benefits in terms of convenience. First, you will not worry about having to travel to a school and sitting in a classroom for several hours. You can easily login and out as you please – you do not have to complete the entire course during one sitting. You can learn at any time if you can access the internet.

  • The course is high-tech

You can access the course through your smartphone, desktop computer or tablet. In other words, you can access the materials at any time and from any place. Most schools offer HD quality videos and physical workbooks.

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