Our instructors know whats up. 

Everyone is certified and background checked for instruction with the state of Florida, and we combine our decades of experience in education, performance driving, racing and commercial driving industries to make the whole process easy to grasp.

Mark Allen

Co-Founder, Principal, Examiner, Driving & Class Instructor

Mike Greiner

Co-Founder, Information Technology, Driving & Class Instructor, ESE

Care to Join Us?

All Florida Safety Institute is seeking personable individuals with a passion for education and driving.

Please e-mail a brief introduction and resume to:

Paul Trippy

State Director of Operations, Driving Instructor, Examiner

stacy stratton

Lead Driving Instructor, Examiner


Driving & Class Instructor

Dave Childers

State Program Director, Driving Instructor, Examiner

"This school has excellent, extremely qualified, and patient instructors that really care about your success. They give you the confidence to drive by yourself. Look no further, this is the best driving school out there!"

- Hannah W. | St. Augustine Beach

Alean fleitas Valdes

Driving Instructor, Examiner Spanish, French, Italian

Chris Carter

Examiner, Classroom Instructor

Josh Bobitt

Driving & Class Instructor, Examiner

Tyrone blue

Driving Instructor, Examiner

"Absolutely terrific driving school. My son was at first extremely hesitant about getting behind the wheel, but became a comfortable and proficient driver after just a few lessons."

- Nancy B. | Julington Creek

Eli Carrero

Driving & Class Instructor, Examiner Spanish, Portugese

Victor Kaplun

Driving Instructor, Examiner Ukranian, Russian, Hebrew

Patty Anderson

Driving Instructor, Examiner

Jana Piper

Driving Instructor, Examiner

"I highly recommend this school to anybody who wants the best instructors and the immense convenience of having your road test and license acquisition all rolled into one seamless service."

- Peter C. | Jacksonville

David Jordan

Driving Instructor, Examiner

George Trimm

Driving Instructor, Examiner

Paula DiPaula

Driving Instructor, Examiner

Marty Tschiderer

Driving Instructor, Examiner

"Awesome Experience. I came in to this program with a comfort level of 5/10 behind the wheel and with the help of Mike he got me to feel confident and prepared me to take my drivers test. Thank you Mike for making it fun and always keeping it real."

- Julia R. | St. John's

Larry Wagner

SWFL Lead Driving Instructor, Examiner

Sharon Jones

Driving Instructor, Examiner

Jayne Baker

Driving Instructor


Driving Instructor, Examiner

"Enjoyed our experience with our twins. They worked around our sports and after school schedule to get their driving in. We used them for the driving test and it made going to the DMV for their licenses quick and easy.."

- Jim N. | Ponte Vedra

Katrina Smith

Driving Instructor, Examiner

Don Bevers

Driving Instructor, Examiner

Peter Rugg

Driving Instructor, Examiner

Melanie Plummer

Driving Instructor, Examiner

"I truly 100% recommend all Florida safety institute (Tampa). My instructor David did an amazing job with the driving lessons! Today i passed my road test. I would definitely trust him to teach a loved one the fine art of defensive driving!"

- Crystal R | Tampa

Terry Rielly

Instructor, Examiner

Norris House

Instructor, Examiner Trainee

Rick Ward

Driving Instructor

Jose Leal Gonzalez

Driving Instructor, Examiner Spanish & French Speaking

"This driving school was EXACTLY what I was looking for and the whole journey was an absolute blast!! My driving instructor John was so patient, calm, flexible, and encouraging during all of my lessons. I feel more confident than ever to drive and could not be more happy with my experience here"

- Lillian W. | Daytona Beach

Suzy Erichsen

Driving Instructor, Examiner

Loretta Valverde

Driving Instructor, Examiner Trainee

Raquel Warren

Driving Instructor, Examiner Trainee

Dexter Menendez

Driving Instructor, Examiner Trainee

"100% why I passed my drivers test! Very helpful and my instructor was very patient with me and taught me how to drive from scratch. I highly recommend students come here to learn how to become a safe and careful driver!."

- Priyanna P. | Gainesville

Jennifer Menendez

Driving Instructor, Examiner Trainee

Derra Salter

Driving Instructor, Examiner

Jessica Kirk

Registration, Driving Examiner

Yskra Diaz

Registration, Reception, Spanish Consultant

"My instructor was Dexter and I had such an amazing time. He was able to work with me when it comes to putting my nerves away and owning my confidence after not driving for a while. I just passed my road test!! My examiner was Yskra and she made the exam so stress free. I highly recommend All Florida Safety!!! Get over there! #1 in Florida :)"

- Julie S. | Jacksonville

Karen Folgar

Registration, Reception Spanish Consultant

logan warren

Registration, Reception

Joanna Nedaeu-Kilby

Registration, Driving Examiner

Todd Atkinson

Fleet Manager