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Executive Director, Mark Allen Having retired from his prior career of 30 years in the automotive industry Mark wanted to take his National & Professional Auto Racing and Training experience to increase the quality and level of driver training in Florida with a focus on both Defensive and Predictive driving.  More
Mark’s training background was initially in performance driving instruction. Having spent most of his time-off from work racing across the US in the SCCA club, national and pro racing series. His background in auto mechanics and vehicle dynamics helped him win multiple Regional, National and Professional Auto Racing Championships. With his first racing championship before the age of 25 he fielded entities in SCCA, IMSA, NASCAR, Rolex, Grand Am, NHRA and NIHRA racing among others where he has claimed championships in Solo, Pro-Solo, Road Racing, Drag Racing and was a top finisher in the Ultimate Street Car Championship multiple times. Mark worked for several performance driving schools including helping with the SCCA national driving schools and early teen safety programs. Performance driver training was a major passion. Mark was available for school and private track-training for up and coming as well as experienced drivers. Whether instructing at a track day at Sebring, Daytona or Road Atlanta or on site for the Porsche-BMW owners club, Corvette Club or Ferrari Challenge it was all about teaching other drivers to get better and learn to predict where the car needed to be and how it was going to respond. "There is nothing more rewarding then teaching someone from behind the wheel to open their senses and see what is coming before it happens” Teaching students to learn to interact with their vehicle and plan so far ahead to be able to predict multiple opportunities for success. After retiring from the auto industry Mark turned his focus to driving education. He combined his performance training background with law enforcement, military and state sponsored DMV management to create something unique that was going to make a difference. We loose too many teens and young adults to driving disasters every day! Our GOAL was to reinvent the driving instruction and driving education programs in Florida and bring them into the 21st century. We would provide real-life driver training in a private semi-traditional drivers education environment that is cost-effective for parents and students while using our proprietary defensive and predictive combination of driver training. Nothing has been more rewarding that taking the knowledge we have shared and helping teens and adults learn to drive safely and have a better chance of surviving today’s hostile driving environment.


Certified Driver Instructor Paul Trippy In 2004, Paul Trippy began working with Founder Mark Allen in the auto industry after gaining his degree in Computer Technology.  More
As an avid performance enthusiast, he followed Mark into the auto racing venue, learning to handle high horsepower corvettes and working in performance training venues.  After years of leadership service in the auto and powersports industries, Paul put his focus into law enforcement. As an active Florida County Sheriff’s Deputy, he joined our team as our Central Florida Director and is currently our State Director, integrating his law enforcement training to our predictive driving curriculum.

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