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Ormond Beach Driving & Traffic School. Learn to drive and get your license today! Take your drivers license courses and tests and get on the road! Take the Florida Drug & Alcohol Course (TLSAE / START) and your Permit Test. Get points off your license with our traffic school conveniently online or in person.

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Learner's Permit Courses and Test
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  • Online and Classroom TLSAE Course
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From Permit to License... We cover it all!

With All Florida Safety Institute in Ormond Beach, you can take all of the state required classes and tests, enjoy private, personalized, one-on-one driving instruction and take your Road Skills Test all in the same place! Our comprehensive lesson packages will leave you or your teen with all the knowledge and tools to pass the state test for their license, and then some.

Our Lessons run in 1.5-hour increments and start with our basic 4 lessons/6-hour plan that will acclimate your teen to the car and driving. Our 12-hour plan is the most popular with 8 lessons and a comprehensive set of experiences designed to promote a full understanding of driving safety, awareness, skills, and knowledge. Our 18, 24 and 48-hour lessons will cover the needed requirements for driver’s license testing and provide extensive hands-on driving experience for you or your teen. Each package is tailored to the individual student, please follow the link below to learn more…

Our Driving School in Ormond Beach

All driving lessons and road tests in Ormond Beach are conducted in our fleet of 23 cars including 2016-2017 Ford Fusions and Focuses, Hyundai Sonatas and Honda Accords. Ormond Beach Driving & Traffic School.

Safe driving checklist:

  • Turn off the mobile phone or put it in silent mode before you start driving
  • Toss the mobile phone in your vehicle’s trunk or in the glove box to avoid temptations
  • Pre-set the navigation system and your music playlists before you start driving
  • Schedule several stops to check your emails, texts, and voicemails
  • Tell family, friends, and co-workers to avoid texting or calling when they know that you are driving

Keeping your mind on the road

Did you know that texting while driving is considered an offense? Also, keeping your eyes on the road throughout your drive is only half the battle keeping your mind on the road is the other. Actually, you do not need to be distracted for very long before getting into trouble. This includes being visually and mentally aware of the road in front of you and the cars around you. A more recent study from Vanderbilt University showed that about 80% of all crashes and about 65% of near crashes involved drivers who failed to pay attention to traffic for roughly three seconds before the event. Distractions when driving take various forms such as; personal grooming, texting, catering to children, eating and rocking out to your favorite jams a little too aggressively.

Driving is no laughing matter it only takes 3 seconds to change not only your life but the lives of all those involved in the accident. It’s important to make good choices while driving and always be aware of who and what is around your vehicle.


We have been told our innovative driving Programs are:

“engaging”, “informative” and “top notch for learning”

All of our programs are all state approved and backed with over 50 years of experience

Our Driver Education classes are designed to teach you the material on the written exam so you know enough about driving before you start to practice it.

Behind the wheel driving lessons will teach you not only the physical aspects of how to control a car, but the mental aspects so you can understand and predict situations before they happen.

Don’t take your permit test with other providers that charge you bogus fees or in a DMV that is noisy and distracting. Take your test with us!

We’re the largest third party provider for driver’s license testing in Florida. Skip the headache at the DMV and take your test with us! We also offer practice sessions before your test and you can even use our car!

Quick and easy way to keep points off your license, or satisfy court requirements for license reinstatement. 

Learn how to drive a stick shift the right way! Our Manual instructors have extensive performance backgrounds and will get you driving a stick shift the right way in no time!

If you’ve got a ticket or letter from the state saying you need to complete a driver improvement course, this is the right place!

Keep your insurance rates low by taking a senior driver class! We can also help with non-medical driving evaluations + more!