Booking Policies

Booking Policies, Scheduling and Payment

Driving lesson times vary between 1.5 and 2 hours in duration, unless otherwise noted. Students may be picked up and dropped off at your desired location and this service is free with all behind-the-wheel lesson plans. Travel to and from those locations is not billed towards the lesson, but may be billed a premium fee in extended travel circumstances. Licensing Packages accommodate for 30 minutes of travel to and from your pick-up/drop-off location time. Instructor travel time exceeding 30 minutes to and from the nearest office will require an extended travel fee. Pick-up may be accomplished at school, home or any place designated by parents or adult students. The distance between any student’s pick-up and drop-off locations may not exceed 30 miles.  Distances that exceed 30 miles during lessons prohibit the Instructor’s ability to complete the skills and knowledge objectives required during the lesson, while still allowing for travel time to the drop-off within scheduled lesson time. Changes to pick up and drop off locations must be made in advance. Students need to be aware that tardiness for a scheduled lesson will result in a reduction in their lesson time. Instructors have tight lesson schedules and are allowed specific travel time between lessons.

We strive to schedule appointment times that fit your schedule. In addition to lesson times offered during normal business hours, we offer early morning, evening, night and weekend lesson times.  Special allowances may be made for non-standard time appointment requests.  Special requests for non-standard lesson times may be made by contacting your instructor or the office.

Students will be assigned a primary instructor and remain with that instructor unless a conflict arises that requires substitution. In the event that a conflict arises, we will assign a substitute instructor, reschedule the lesson to the end of the current scheduled program, or reschedule the lesson to any unscheduled availability in that instructor’s calendar. For detailed information on lesson policy, and no show appointment policy please refer to our Student Contract.


Guaranteed lesson or other service reservations require payment in full at the time of booking. Payment plans are available for select plans. Please contact the office directly for terms and conditions. We cannot book the initial appointment on the website for those on payment plans.  Payment plans are not accepted via the website, but must be requested in person or via telephone at the time of booking. We take most debit /credit card payments online and over the phone. Cash payments and payments made by check or money order may be dropped off at the office or mailed in advance.  Our instructors are not equipped to issue receipts on the road. We do not accept promises of payment for services, and payment must be received by the office in advance of the first lessons. Returned check fees will be charged at the maximum allowable rate.

Refund Policy:

Refunds are not allowed once scheduled except for extenuating circumstances, offered in a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of Management. Partially completed lesson plans are not eligible for a refund, however lessons do not expire. If a refund request is submitted after scheduling, it is subject to a 15% Booking & Scheduling fee. Due to the inherent danger and nature of operating a motor vehicle, there are absolutely no guarantees to the services we provide.

Driving Lessons Cancellation Policy:

Please contact your instructor directly and/or email the office at with any driving lesson schedule change requests. All requests must be made 48 hours in advance, and at no time less than 24 hours in advance. Cancellation/reschedule requests can often be difficult via the main office phone lines, as the office phones frequently reach maximum capacity.  Please also note that our office is not staffed for schedule change requests on weekends.

Any cancellation of a driving lesson:

- Must be made at least 48 hours in advance

- Is subject to forfeiture of the lesson(s), or a $30 re booking fee per scheduled hour

Driver’s License Testing Cancellation Policy:  Appointments that are made for Driver’s License testing must be paid when the reservation is being made.  Any offer for cash payment at the test time is subject to instructor/examiner availability, and availability of an Examiner is not guaranteed without an appointment. Missed Road Test Appointments are subject to a $15 rescheduling fee, above and beyond any fees associated with any corresponding driving lesson.