Teen Defensive Driving Class

Learn Defensive Driving Tactics & Attitude/Behavior Management Techniques for driving on today’s roadways. 

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Florida Defensive Driving Course

Traditional driver education hasn’t evolved in decades. We believe that our roads would be so much safer if drivers had the right perspective and approach to operating a 3,000+ lb missile. Most can understand the basics, green means go, red means stop etc…

Our defensive driving course takes a different approach; instead of teaching teens things they already know, we focus on the mental aspect of driving. The thoughtful side of driving is something that traditional programs have fallen short on. How can we manage our attention? How does attitude affect our ability to drive? This course dives into these topics in detail and students that complete this course will have a new perspective of what is expected of them on the road, and how to become a predictive driver, not just a reactive driver.

Teen Defensive Driving Course outline:

  • Online Virtual Meeting with a LIVE Instructor, or in-person classroom session at one of our classroom locations around the state.
  • Insurance Discount Certificate
  • Learn the I.P.D.E. Process & different attitude states as they relate to driving
  • Engaging video content & discussions
  • We have developed from over 50 Years of practical instruction experience by current and retired law enforcement, career, performance, and state DMV driver trainers and examiners.

Class Options

 To make it as easy as possible we have two different options for the same course, a live virtual meeting style, or an in person classroom. Both have a live instructor teaching and available for questions for the entire 4 hour course.

If you’re not sure if these are right for you and have questions, please call us at (904) 838-0055

Was $45
NOW $29

Virtual Defensive Driving Class

LIVE Online Virtual Meeting with an Instructor

If we don’t have a classroom near you, or you would prefer to take the course from the comfort of your own home, this option is right for you! A group virtual meeting with up to 15 other teens and a live instructor. The 4 hour course does include 30 minutes of recess/break time. A working webcam and microphone are required to attend.

  • 4 Hour Virtual Meeting with a LIVE Instructor
  • Insurance Discount Certificate
  • Engaging Video & Discussion
  • Join the Course with Email or Mobile Phone
  • Requires an Active Webcam & Microphone

Was $45
NOW $29
In Person Defensive Driving Class

In-Person Classroom Setting

For parents and students that would prefer an in person classroom course, this would be the right choice. Grouped in the same class session with our adult students, this option provides a diverse range of student perspectives that greatly benefit our teen students. The 4 hour course does include 30 minutes of recess/break time. 

  • 4 Hour In-Person Group Classroom Session with an Instructor
  • Insurance Discount Certificate
  • Engaging Video & Discussion

Looking for a Driver Improvement Course to keep points off your license?

We’ve got you covered! We offer 4, 8 and 12 hour courses.

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