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Class E Skills & Knowledge Testing State Licensed Driving School #4211

Driver's Education

We offer an excellent first time driver’s education course in St. Petersburg. Our course has an intensive focus on knowledge and also theory of safe operations behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Our 32 hour program

Consists of all the requirements needed for a Class E leaner’s permit in Florida. We offer the Drug and Alcohol Course, study materials, and advanced training to make you feel at ease when it comes to taking your exam.

Learner's Permit Preparation

Get Your Learners Permit in St. Petersburg Today!
We offer all of the Florida State Approved Courses and Tests to get on the road with your Learner's Permit!

Take the Florida Drug & Alcohol Course (TLSAE / START) and your Permit / Computer Test. Take them both in person in our St. Petersburg office or in a convenient format online. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you get on the road quickly and safely.

The Fastest Way to Get Your Permit!


Learn to drive with private 1 on 1 behind-the-wheel driving lessons instructed by one of our state certified instructors in St. Petersburg. We offer FREE pickup and drop off from home or school. Busy schedule? We off evening and weekend lessons.

All of our instructors are Certified and Background Checked! Our cars are quality and new model equipped with instructor controls. See why we are the safest choice for your family.


Take Your FL Drivers License Road Skills Test with us today. We are one of Florida DMV’s Largest Authorized License Testing Agents. Take your test at our testing center in St. Petersburg.

Book A Practice Exam before your Exam!

Weekend and Evening Road Tests are also available at Our St. Petersburg Driving school. Quick Scheduling, No Car? We have State Certified Testing Cars Available.


We offer driver improvement classes to help get points off your license if needed. 4 hour, 8 hour and 12 hour and more classes both online and in person as well as Aggressive Driving and also the 3-in-3 Accident Driver Change Course.

Group, Semi-Private and Private Classes Schedules available at Our St. Petersburg Driving school.

Our St. Petersburg Driving School Reviews

The manual transmission driving instruction from Mike G. was extremely good; I was instructed on both a manual Ford Focus RS and my own manual Subaru WRX. My confidence was greatly boosted during and after the lessons and I walked away with a good feelings. I highly recommend their driving service. 5/5 stars!

Tuan D.
Tuan D.

I received a group of lessons from the institute, including the 1 hour prep. Derra was really helpful in preparing me for the test with instructions and boosting my confidence. Would highly recommend.

Christine J.
Christine J.

I loved working with Raquel! Working with her taught me so much and definitely helped me get my license 🙂

Caylee G.
Caylee G.

Learner's Permit Courses and Test

  • Online Permit Testing
  • Classroom Testing
  • Online and Classroom TLSAE Course

St. Petersburg Driving School

  • Private 1 on 1 Lessons
  • Florida State Certified Instructors
  • Weekends & Evenings
  • FREE Pick Up and Drop Of

Private Road Skills Testing

  • Quick Scheduling
  • No more Lines!
  • Use our Vehicles

Our St. Petersburg Driving School

Our driving instructors are trained to give you the best driving school experience when it comes to customer service and building your confidence on the road. No matter what age you are, we welcome everyone to learn safe and defensive driving skills or participate in our traffic school programs to get points off of your license. Our lessons are perfect for both teenagers and adults who want to get an extra confidence boost on the road. Safety is always our number one priority and we work one on one with each student to make sure that they are ready to drive.

St. Petersburg driving lessons and traffic school

Our programs are designed to get you on the road safely and quickly. All Florida Safety Institute conducts driving lessons in a fleet of over 40 student driver cars including 2016-2018 Ford Fusions and Focuses, Hyundai Sonatas and Honda Accords. All of our student driver vehicles is outfitted with driving instructor brake controls and mirrors in addition to being registered with the FLHSMV as instructional vehicles. Read our reviews on Google and Facebook, this is the best place to learn how to drive in St.Petersburg and Pinellas Park! If you are unable to come to our office, our instructors will gladly pick you up at your work, home or school. We make taking driving lessons easy and stress free!

Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive drivers are able to avoid crashes and to lower their risks behind the wheel. If you have been driving for a long time, you already know that not all people drive well. Unfortunately, some of the people who do not drive well think that they are the best. Apart from speeding aggressively, some drivers wander from one lane to the other because they do not care about the other drivers on the road. Others tailgate and change their directions suddenly without using their turn signal. Aggressive drivers are a real road hazard. Here are the key defensive driving tips to keep in mind when on the road.

Never use your mobile phone when driving

If you start receiving, sending messages or chatting on your mobile phone when driving, your concentration will be reduced, and you will not be able to know what other drivers around you are planning to do. Mobile phone use is distracting and you should park your vehicle before you start chatting or sending a message. You should also park your vehicle whenever the need to make an emergency call arises.

Pay close attention to the traffic signs

Most drivers are not usually attentive when around traffic signs and mostly speed or go the wrong way when driving on one-way streets. Traffic signs will inform you about the set speed limits and staying within them will be possible. That is a key part of defensive driving. Regardless of what you are planning to do, never follow what the drivers ahead of you are doing. After all, they might not be following the set road rules and doing what they do might result in an accident. Be ready to obey traffic lights because a single wrong turn around a signal light might result in an accident.

Never follow another vehicle too closely

Ensure that there is sufficient room between your vehicle and the one ahead of you – that will help you act fast if need to stop suddenly arises. If the room is inadequate, there is a higher chance of rear-ending the car ahead of you and including when the other driver is at fault, the insurance provider might raise your rates and consider you to be at fault. Ensure that the distance between you and the other car is at least two car lengths. That way, you will have adequate room if the need to stop quickly arose.

Learn to drive in every weather condition

Bad weather conditions are a leading cause of vehicle accidents. To avoid accidents, do not drive after dark or during bad weather conditions until you have honed your driving skills. Have someone to drive with you at night until you are skilled. Practice winter driving in empty parking lots. That way, you will be able to avoid accidents.

Give other drivers the right of way

From time to time, you will come to four way stops or some other situations where figuring out the driver with the right of way will be hard. When in such situations, let the other drivers decide whether to move first. If another person starts pulling out immediately you start, you might end up causing a crash. Waiting might take several seconds, but you will get to where you want to be safely.