We are a AAA Approved Driving School


All Florida Safety Institute takes all colds, flu and any type of viruses serious!

Please read and follow the protocol outlined below. Our first priority to our students is a safe, healthy and comfortable learning experience.

  • BEFORE & AFTER ALL Student Drivers, our instructors and examiners will wipe down areas inside our vehicles with disinfectant wipes and aerosol sprays that are known to kill most virus.
  • BEFORE & AFTER ALL Student Drivers, our instructors and examiners will wipe down outside door handles and access points.
  • Student Drivers with cold or flu symptoms WILL NOT be allowed to take lessons or attend classroom sessions until they are back to normal health.
  • Driving Instructors and Examiners with cold or flu symptoms will be substituted, or the session will be rescheduled after they are cleared of symptoms.
  • RESCHEDULING FEE’S WILL BE WAIVED for any scheduled lessons or classroom sessions where the Student Driver is exhibiting cold or flu symptoms, is recovering and/or has had close recent contact with another individual that is exhibiting cold or flu symptoms.

Private driver training is the safest way to avoid virus, our staff will diligently ensure that each student is provided a freshly sanitized vehicle to learn to drive and test for licensing.

Our instructors and examiners will be enforcing our protocols to make sure all of our students and staff can continue to provide safe driver training through the remainder of cold and flu season and until all medical warnings are lifted from each county.

If you have any questions regarding our protocols please contact us directly by phone, email or chat.