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Driver Education Courses  for Teens and Adults

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One of the most popular questions a new driver is going to ask is “Can I Go?”, “Do I have the Right-of-Way?”. Our unique approach to Driver Education answers these questions with a very basic approach to make these answers simple to understand. When you take our Driver’s Education courses, you’re going to understand what is happening in your situation, so you can made safe, and correct decisions.

  • Convenient Online Driver’s Education Courses for Teens & Adults
  • Private Classroom Courses available
  • Helps prepare you for the Knowledge/Permit Exam
  • Developed from over 50 Years of practical instruction experience by current and retired law enforcement, career, performance, and state DMV driver trainers and examiners.
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Driver Education Courses

These courses are designed to teach the student about driving, before getting behind the wheel. They will also aid in understanding the material on the Knowledge/Permit Exam. 

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32 Hours

Drivers Education Program

This program is ideal for new drivers without a learner’s permit. The goal of this program is to teach the ins and outs of driving, road rules & road signs to new drivers so they understand the material on the Written Exam. They will also have agood understanding of what to expect when they get behind the wheel.

  • 32 Hours of Online Learning
  • Start & Stop at Your Convenience
  • Videos, Quizzes & Exercises Throughout!
  • Fun & Engaging Material

10 Hours PRIVATE
Classroom Course

Drivers Education Program

This program is the private, personalized version of our 32 hour online course. It is designed for those who want to have a real instructor to teach the material & answer questions. It is also ideal for those that may not excel with online learning, or that may have learning challenges. Conducted over six 2 hour sessions from our nearest office.

  • 12 Hours of Private ‘Tutoring’
  • 12 Hours of Driving Observation
  • 1-Hour Driving Sessions
  • Includes State Road Test
  • Up to 3 Attempts to Pass
  • Consistent Scheduling

complete $699
50 Hours
Permit to License

Drivers Education Program

This program is ideal for new drivers without the learner’s permit in a group class format that will culminate with the Florida learner’s permit license test and road test to completely qualify for Class E License Instruction from our nearest office.

  • 30 Hours of Classroom Instruction
  • 6 Hours of Driving Instruction
  • 12 Hours of Driving Observation
  • Includes State Road Test
  • Includes State Permit Test
  • Includes 4 Hour TSLAE Certificate
  • Up to 3 Attempts to Pass Tests
  • Consistent Scheduling
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We are reinventing drivers education

Florida school systems are not capable of providing the driver training on today’s busy and hostile roadways that is necessary for our teens and young adults to survive.

Many school districts have given up all together. The high cost of insurance and equipment while the incredibly difficult task of finding qualified driving instructors for the school systems makes it even more difficult. Sadly, state funding for driving instruction has all but dried up as well making it impossible to staff and run a quality program.

School system drivers educations programs are also stuck in the 1900’s. While it doesn’t seem that long ago, our roadway systems, traffic patterns and drivers have changed. Traffic is denser while and has become hostile making unsafe for students to ‘learn-to-drive’ and make mistakes they can learn from.

Our GOAL is to reinvent the driving instruction and driving education programs in Florida and bring them into the 21st century. We will provide real-life driver training in a semi-traditional drivers education environment that is cost-effective for parents and students while using our proprietary defensive and predictive combination of driver training from our private training programs.

This is NOT your standard drivers ed program:
  • Excellent for first-time driver teens and young adults alike seeking to obtain their learner’s permit (classroom)
  • Perfect for new and experienced drivers that want to go from permit to license (Behind-the-wheel and Permit to License)
  • Our Instructors make the concepts of driving simple to grasp and relatable to real-life driving
  • Satisfies TLSAE course requirement and all students are allowed 3 attempts at the Class E Knowledge test at the conclusion of the course for the learner’s permit (Classroom and Permit to License)
  • Satisfies the Class E Road Skills Requirement for driver’s license at the conclusion of the course once eligible (Behind-the-wheel and Permit to License)
About the Driver’s Education Course:

This classroom and permit to license driver education courses are designed to provide classroom education for first-time drivers. The course covers all of the theory behind operation of a motor vehicle in our society today. The goal is to develop the knowledge and understanding needed to safely, legally, and economically operate a motor vehicle.

This course will satisfy the 4 Hour Drug and Alcohol (TLSAE) and Knowledge test requirements for Class E Licensing in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions about Driver’s Education:

Who will teach the Driver Education course?

All of our courses are taught by professionally certified, state of Florida approved instructors. Each instructor is experienced and has undergone extensive training in various levels of driver’s education as well as several extensive background checks. We have the best of the best in driver training so you get the best of the best for your student.

Are students required to have a valid Florida license or Permit?

Only the behind-the-wheel course requires an existing Florida Permit. The classroom and permit to license courses are designed for those who have not taken any steps in the licensing process yet.

What if my student already took the Florida 4-hour TLSAE?

No problem, the program integrates the information during the program so your student will still get the full classroom time but will not need to take the TLSAE end of course quiz.

What is the frequency of classes?

Our 32-hour driver’s education course is designed to work in several formats over 4 or 8 weeks. This is the same for the classroom portion of the 50-hour drivers education portion. The 18-hour behind-the-wheel portion are mostly in 2-week sessions with some over 3 weeks.

Is there a written test?

Yes, for the classroom portion for the learners permit there is a maximum of 3 attempts at the Florida Class E General Knowledge, and Road Signs test.

Is there a driving test?

Yes, for the behind-the-wheel driving portion there is a maximum of 3 attempts at the Florida Class E Skills test.

Does the student have to take the 50-hour complete back-to-back?

No, the student can register for the 50-hour complete program and complete the 32-hour classroom portion and the 18-hour driving portion at different times. Each portion of the program must be completed in its entirety.

Is there transportation provided for the student?

No, unlike our private driving programs found in our driving lessons the driving education programs are structured like school programs and students are expected to attend them at the location we are hosting the course. Course will be hosted at our core school locations and at select schools. Please check the schedule for available locations and times as they fill up very fast. There may be some ability to car-pool with student from similar areas, check with our registration team.

Is there a difference between your in-house drivers education and the ones you provide at the school?

There is no difference in our in-house program with the in-school programs WE provide. However, there is a significant difference from school programs that are not provided by us. Our curriculum is more intensive and mirrors our private training. If you are in a school program that is our and the pricing is different it is because you school system is subverting the program, or we have made a larger program deal with them.

What can we do if our school or school district or private school does not use you for drivers education?

Your first choice would then be to register for our next in-house drivers education program. Most of our facilities are nicer than the schools and centrally convenient to your county. You can also request us to work with your school system to provide drivers education at the schools. We are state authorized, bonded and insured to work with any school district or private school. We can do the 18-hour behind the wheel programs as long as we have 3 students from the same school with pick-up and drop to their school. Check with our registration team to set these up.

Do you hold any programs outside of schools and your locations?

We can do one-off programs for other organizations for their teens and young adults including private schools, group homes, church and religious organizations and special events. If you are with an organization that would like to host a private program check with our registration manager. We typically need 4-8 weeks advance notice for plan for equipment and staffing for larger groups. We use all our own equipment and have proper insurance to cover the hosting group.

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