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Why Choose Us?


AAA Approved

Approved by America’s #1 authority on driving safety

Manual Shift Cars

Learn to drive in an exciting late model manual-shift car, like you would buy

Experienced Instructors

Over 50 years of combined training experience at each location

Easy Scheduling

Drive on your schedule from home, work or school

12 Local Locations

With locations throughout North and Central Florida

Safe In-Car Training

Equipped with the best in safety for stress-free learning

Manual Transmission

So you want to learn to use a clutch? You landed on the right page. Our teaching methods and techniques were developed by national champion racers and the school’s co-founders. We make the process easy to understand and quick to grasp.

  • Manual Transmission Lessons
  • Basic Training to Performance Coaching
  • New, enjoyable vehicles to drive, or use your own!
  • Simulator Training Available

These programs are designed to enhance your abilities behind the wheel. Our instructors are trained to make you a better, safer and smarter driver.

Learn How to Drive Stick Shift (Manual Transmission)

A Unique set of lesson plans for more specialized training.  These programs are designed to enhance your abilities on the road. Our instructors are trained to make you a better, safer and smarter driver.

100% behind the wheel manual shift training in our fleet of Ford Focus ST’s and Ford Focus RS’s. These performance-based cars are more similar to the type of cars sold with manual shift transmissions today. We typically require students of this class to already have their Class E License, OR to have completed one of our regular lesson plans prior with their Permit. This is also a great addition to a driving lesson training program

Basic 1.5 Hour
Manual Transmission

Enough time to cover the basics of understanding the mechanical side and establishing good motor control of the pedals and gearbox. Our Instructors are highly trained in teaching our unique method of clutch, throttle and vehicle control. Instruction is one-on-one, in a private training session. You won’t be learning in a beat up old car, that’s for sure.


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Intermediate 3.0 Hour
Manual Transmission

Scheduled in one three hour marathon or 2 x 90-minute sessions, the three hours offers time to practice the skill set learned in the first hour and a half and begin to create smooth transitions. With this package, you’ll have ample opportunity to perfect your skills out and about in traffic. This program is great for UPS drivers to those seeing to learn the skills before traveling overseas.

We will make learning to drive a stick shift absolutely effortless!


PLUS get our course completion certificate for insurance discounts

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Advanced 5 Hour
Manual Transmission

Practice makes perfect, right? With our advanced 5-hour manual FFshift program, we schedule multiple lessons; typically the 3 hours intermediate program followed up with one 2 hours advanced session. If you’re starting to look for a manual transmission car of your own, this program is ideal. Whether you’re driving a mini cooper or a monster truck our training will stay with you for a lifetime and be like riding a bicycle…You will not forget!


PLUS get our course completion certificate for insurance discounts

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Performance Track Coaching
Pricing Varies


Do you like running track days? Looking for a few extra tenths on the autocross course? We can help! Our school’s co-founders have 30+ years of combined experience in Motorsports and performance coaching, with results that include multiple SCCA Pro-Solo National Championships and WKA National Karting Titles. The foundation for the entire school was built upon that knowledge and experience and this performance coaching takes you straight to the source. Chances are there are techniques and details you can learn to improve your skill set. From pedal work to driving lines or even car setup we can head to the track together and you can get exclusive coaching and help.

Submit one of our registration forms below and we’ll reach out to discuss options and build a plan for you.

PLUS get our course completion certificate for insurance discounts

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Driving is in every evolving state and maintaining your driving skills is important whether you need one of our certified classroom courses of behind the wheel training you can trust us to help you achieve your goals.