Saint Petersburg Driving Simulator

  • Excellent for first time drivers teen and adult alike seeking to practice prior to having a permit
  • Excellent for those with disabilities to evaluate driving competence
  • Situational work on accident avoidance, drunk driving simulation and more!
  • When confronting a hazardous circumstance when driving on the road, you need to know how to react. Driving simulation classes enable you to hone in on what to do if an unsafe situation on the road arises.

There’s no better way to educate a driver than with a safe and controlled yet challenging and realistic environment. All Florida driving institute uses a driving simulation to hone and perfect driving skills and experience before ever firing a piston. By working on the skills necessary to safe and efficient driving our simulator builds a driver’s confidence and ability to make them ready to hit the road!

Our instruction of each student is personalized and even integrates background and family information to create the best possible plan from which student drivers can cultivate or correct skills that will keep them safe and moving on the road. The personalized lesson planning allows us to develop drivers of all skill levels and stages of driving, whether it be pre-permit, permit, newly licensed or elderly driving.

The driving simulator will teach and improve student’s driving via

Control-maintaining proper speed, steering, lane changing, and braking

Awareness-proactive attention and sensitivity to other driver’s mistakes on the road

Knowledge- laws, signs, right-of-ways, traffic patterns, and common mistakes

Space management- road and weather hazards, traffic, lane choice, and following distance

Hourly$50/hr1 Hour
3 Hour$1453 x 1 Hour
6 Hour$2804 x 1.5 Hour

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These skills and habits are essential to maintaining the safety of the driver and those around them and are applicable to many situations and environments. Practice includes driving at night, in fog, rain, and snow, and avoiding distracted driving. Practice skills for safe driving before it is too late!


Families who would benefit from our St. Petersburg driving simulator training:

-Are concerned standard driver education will be insufficient

-Have a student driver who lacks the confidence and comfort necessary to start them driving

-Want to help their student become a more responsible, experienced driver

-Have a licensed driver who is not confident in their current abilities

-Want to start their driver learning at fourteen, before a permit is possible

Benefits to simulated learning

Simulated practice has aided learners for years in honing their skills to best prepare them for the real world. Although simulations provide strong advantages that are useful to any driving school, it does not change the fundamental nature of driving and should not be used to substitute entirely for real behind the wheel practice. These are the five main benefits of driving simulation that result in the best possible preparation of students:


It Gives drivers the ability to experience what they would not be able to on the road.

Simulations allows for students to be exposed to dangerous driving conditions that could be hazardous to experience in real life. Unexpected scenarios that the simulator can allow a driver to experience and prepare for without hazard include animals running out into the road, avoiding a head on collision or intersection crash. Simulations also allow students to learn impact management in the event they are involved in a crash. By simulating instances that would otherwise arise from chance, students can beat the learning curve usually associated with years of experience and chance encounters.

driving simulation

Inside the car during a Florida driving lesson

Everything is recorded for instructional playback

The simulator records everything the student does to allow for real-time playback of the student’s performance. This allows instructors to positively reinforce highlights and to easily correct mistakes at the same time as observing them. This also allows for a different view of the training, as the simulator affords different angles and perspectives to look through. With replay problems can be corrected even when things “happen too fast.”


Instructors are able to go decision by decision with the driver in reviewing the simulation to understand what the driver was thinking or doing so that in the future this can be changed. The student can then repeat the same scenario in comfort until the desired outcome is achieved.

Specifically designed scenarios

Instructors are able to fine tune the course and simulation itself to best fit the needs of the student. Factors like weather, pedestrians, wildlife, etc. can be added to challenge the student and condition for the unpredictability of the real world. For example, a student can repeatedly encounter a crash in an intersection during a heavy rainfall until they do not involve themselves in the accident, and any mistakes they do made will not count against them, but rather help push them forward.


Simulations create an ideal learning environment

Drivers can practice within a simulation at any time of day or in any conditions and still maintain consistency and progress. Things like vehicle make and condition also do not have any affect and allow the student to progress the skills of driving itself without having to deal with hindrances like figuring out where the controls are in a vehicle they will never enter again.