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Class E Skills & Knowledge Testing State Licensed Driving School #4211

Driver's Education

New Driver’s Education Course with an intensive focus on knowledge and theory behind the safe operation of a motor vehicle.

Our 32 hour program in Gainesville will
satisfy all of the required elements needed to obtain  a Class E Learner's Permit in Florida. Include the Drug and Alcohol Course, extra study materials and advanced training in a fun and professional training environment.

Learner's Permit

Get Your Learners Permit in Gainesville Today!
We offer all of the Florida State Approved Courses and Tests to get your Learners Permit!

Take the in our office Florida Drug & Alcohol Course (TLSAE / START) also take your Permit / Computer Test. Take them both in either convenient online format or in person in our Gainesville office. Our Gainesville instructors are dedicated to helping you get on the road safely and with as little stress as possible.


We offer private 1 on 1 behind-the-wheel driving lessons with one of our state certified instructors in Gainesville. FREE pickup and drop off from home or school if needed. Evening & Weekend Lessons are Available also.

Our Driving Instructors are Certified and Background Checked from Our Gainesville Driving school! Quality New Model Cars are equipped with instructor controls. See why we are the safest choice for your family.


Take Your Florida Driver's License Test with us in Gainesville today. We are Florida DMV’s Go To Largest Authorized License Testing Agent. Take the test at our Testing Center in Gainesville with our Trained Instructors.

And You Can Book A Practice Exam before your Exam!

Weekend and Evening Road Tests are available at Our Gainesville Driving school. Quick Scheduling, Multiple Locations. Don't have a car? We have Testing Cars Available.


We offer multiple driver improvement classes to help get points off your license. 4 hour, 8 hour and 12 hour classes both online and in person as well as Aggressive Driving and also the 3-in-3 Accident Driver Change Course.

Group, Semi-Private and Private Classes Schedules available at Our Gainesville Driving school.

Learner's Permit Courses and Test

  • Online Permit Testing
  • Classroom Testing
  • Online and Classroom TLSAE Course

 Learn to Drive Gainesville

Private Road Skills Testing

  • Quick Scheduling
  • No more Lines!
  • Use our Vehicles

Our Gainesville Driving School

Gainesville driving classes All Florida Safety Institute

Our philosophy

We Believe that learning to drive needs to happen in a calm and professional environmnet. No screaming around here, just professional advice and help from our incredible deiving instructors. We help make driving lessons less about stress about more about learning.

Everyone is different, so each of our offerings is customized to best fit your needs and learning style. We have a flexible curriculum based around 18 & 24 hours of instruction that allows us to tailor each plan to maximize learning in the time spent behind the wheel.

Our driving instructors are trained to give you the best driving school experience in Gainesville when it comes to customer service and a stress free environment on the road.

Reasons to attend traffic school

Also known as, a defensive driving course, traffic school is not the most popular way of spending your spare time. However, the courses comes with many benefits. From reducing your ticket fines to setting off the accumulated points on your driving records, traffic school can save you money and time. To attend traffic school in Gainesville Florida, you can either go in person or take some of the required courses online. Here are some of the benefits that come with completing traffic school.

The Point System in Florida

If your desire is to maintain your driving privilege in Gainesville, you must work to keep your driving record clean. Whenever you break a traffic law or become one of the unsafe drivers, your license can be suspended, cancelled or revoked. And because Florida has “reciprocal agreements” with most other states, the suspension or cancellation of your drivers license will apply in the other states if you already have the privilege there or you have failed to pay tickets.

In the state of Florida, you will receive points on your driver’s license after violating one of the common traffic laws. Keep in mind that you cannot exceed a certain number of points within a specified length of time if you want to keep your driver’s license. Many points on your driving record can lead to loss of driving privileges.

We are happy to provide driving lessons to all high schools surrounding Gainesville including:

Bucholz High School, Eastside High School, Gainesville High School, Hawthorne High School, Newberry High School, and Santa Fe High School.

i did the 12 hours class and today was the best day ever! i passed my road test! it went really well. my first time ever to drive, but it went so smooth. Steve was a very nice instructor, i don't feel any nervous or pressure to him at all. it was great working with him. Ms. Jana the person i'm with the road test is really nice too, i feel comfortable with her just like my instructor Steve. They did awesome job! i highly recommend this place to all the people who was trying to find the best driving school. Proudly to say here "I made it'"

Rovelyn N.
Rovelyn N.

I purchased a package as soon as my daughter got her permit. This was the best thing I could have done for her. She learned the right way the first time. Her instructors all ways picked her up on time and she always came home a little more confident after each lesson. Closer to her 16th birthday I bought the package that include a few hours of review/ test practice as well as having her take the actuating driving test at the end of the last session. This was another great investment in both time and money. She felt much more confident going into the test knowing what to expect and she passed. Mark did a great job working around our busy schedule and her instructor Jordan was patient, calm, reassessing and a fantastic teacher. Her examiner Tyron meet with me after her exam and personally went over her results and made recommendations as well. We received very person and professional service from everyone. I would highly recommend All Florida Safety Institute.

Lisa P.
Lisa P.

I had a great experience with this service. It was easy enough to register for classes and the lesson plans were relatively affordable. Eventually, with the reminders and tips of my instructor (and practice!) I started driving more fluidly. The road test was straightforward and I had plenty of time to prepare for it. Quality service, would recommend.

Kenisha R.
Kenisha R.