Reinventing Driver's Ed

  • Excellent for first time drivers teen and adult alike seeking to obtain their Learner's Permit
  • Our Instructors make the concepts of driving simple to grasp
  • Satisfies TLSAE course requirement and all students are allowed 3 attempts at the Class E Knowledge test at the conclusion of the course.

About the Driver's Education Course:

This driver education course is designed to provide classroom education for first time drivers. The course covers all of the theory behind operation of a motor vehicle in our society. The goal is to develop the knowledge and understanding needed to safely, legally, and economically operate a motor vehicle.

This course will satisfy the 4 Hour Drug and Alcohol (TLSAE) and Knowledge test requirements for Class E Licensing in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions about Driver's Education:

Who will teach the Driver Education course?

All of our course are taught by a professionally certified, state of Florida approved instructor. Each instructor is experienced and has undergone extensive training in various levels of driver’s education.

Are students required to have a valid Florida license or Permit?

No, this course is designed for those who have not taken any steps in the licensing process yet.

What is the frequency of classes?

Our 32-Hour Driver's Education course is conducted over 4 or 8 week sessions; typically 2 4 hour classes per week. 

Is there a written test?

Yes, there is a maximum of 3 attempts at the Florida Class E General Knowledge, and Road Signs test.

This was by far one of the best experiences I have had with driving ever. From the beginning, my instructor, Victor made me feel comfortable in the car and my confidence grew with each lesson. I started driving with little experience and now feel I have the ability to drive the best way I can because that was how I was taught. A patient, intelligent, caring guy, Victor was the sole reason I am able to drive calmly and smoothly. The communication was on point every lesson. My testing instructor, Mike was the second reason I rate this 5 stars. He eased my nerves and believed in me. I highly recommend this driving school to anyone and everyone it was 100% accurate and worth it.

Alicia B.
Alicia B.

I have to say that this was definitely money well spent. An excellent experience all around from start to finish. Everything was as discussed and as agreed upon! From Mike on the phone to my instructor Victor to my examiner Eli , they were all professional, helpful, knowledgeable and very nice. My instructor Victor was by far the best instructor I could’ve asked for. He is very direct and clear, very easy to understand, fun and comfortable to work with! He has taught me well, driving skills for life. Highly recommend this place. Thank you!

Caridad B.
Caridad B.

Victor was my driving Instructor and was great! Very flexible with my job and availability. My biggest thing was driving with someone who makes me nervous...victor was very patient and informative and encouraging. I'm glad I did it. Mike is the one who gave me my test who is also great and helped me so much along the way.both Victor and Mike are very appreciated. I went in as a nervous driver and after my 6 lessons my confidence increased so much! It's worth it!

Theresa M.
Theresa M.