Driving Simulation

  • Excellent for first time drivers teen and adult alike seeking to practice prior to having a permit
  • Excellent for those with disabilities to evaluate driving competence
  • Situational work on accident avoidance, drunk driving simulation and more!
  • When confronting a hazardous circumstance when driving on the road, you need to know how to react. Driving simulation classes enable you to hone in on what to do if an unsafe situation on the road arises.

Driving Simulator Training Programs

All Florida Safety Institute understands the need for better driver education. What better way to start than with a safe, hands-on learning environment, that allows our students to develop crash prevention skills before they ever start an engine with driving simulation. We give them the driving skills and confidence they need to face the road!

The instruction is personalized for each student and integrates the family, allowing us to facilitate a complete training plan and correct unsafe practices if necessary. Additionally, our programs are designed for students in all stages of the learning to drive process; pre-permit, permit, and newly licensed.

Driving Simulator students will learn:

Control - Steering, Braking, Cornering, Lane changes, and Safe Speed
Awareness - Proactive Surveillance, Proper response to other's mistakes Road
Knowledge - Right-of-ways, Traffic patterns, Signs and Laws
Space Management - Following distance, Lane Choice, Traffic, and Hazards

Be safe on the road before it's too late. These skills are practiced in a wide variety of driving environments, emergencies, and conditions including night, fog, rain and snow as well as texting and distracted driving.


We provide invaluable training and guidance for families who:

  • Want to help their student become a responsible, safe driver
  • Are concerned traditional drivers education will not be a good fit
  • Have a student driver struggling or reluctant to practice drive
  • Have a licensed driver who is not confident or comfortable driving.Using our driving simulators, students can start training for all types of driving starting at age 14, before the learner's permit.


Hourly$50/hr1 Hour
3 Hour$1453 x 1 Hour
6 Hour$2804 x 1.5 Hour

driving simulator lessons in Florida

Advantages of Learning to Drive with a Driving Simulator


Driving simulation has existed for several years. Driving simulation does not change the fundamental nature of driving vehicles and driving schools should not use it as a substitute for the real behind the wheels training. However, it provides many solid benefits that every driving school should consider when developing a training program. Here are five of the main benefits.


Enables drivers to practice what they cannot practice on the road

First, a driving simulator exposes students to dangerous driving conditions, in realistic virtual environments, that would hazardous to try in the real life. Simulators present some scenarios like avoiding head-on collisions angle and intersection crash and animals entering the highway and other causes of crashes to students. Even more, they allow them to learn the available ways of avoiding collisions or minimizing the impacts. For safety reasons, students can only practise the scenarios in virtual environments. With simulators, students are able to strengthen their learning curve.


The simulator records everything a student does during training

This is another big benefit driving simulators provide to students. The simulator records everything a student does during dangerous scenarios. Whether you will make the right decision as a student or a bad one, the driving simulator allows replay of the scene from multiple angles to allow discussion and analysis when necessary. Replay is important after you have made a mistake that causes severe damages.


The instructor goes through the events’ sequence, during replay, while asking the student on why they had to make the decisions. They should also discus on the other courses of action. After that, the student can repeat the entire scenario and make the right decision.


highway driving in Florida

Facilitate designing of numerous road scenarios

With driving simulation software, tutors and students can design their scenarios. The available software allows weather, traffic, wildlife, pedestrian and other vehicles control – you can also design the situation to challenge students. A quick example: if you have already seen many intersection crashes within your area during heavy rainfall, you can design scenarios that will immerse your students in the situation. They will make many mistakes without any fatal consequence and avoid similar things in real life.


Simulators provide situations to expect on roads

With a simulator, the student experiences what to expect when driving a real vehicle. In reality, the engine, tires, brakes and environmental conditions can affect training consistency. That is not the case in driving simulators. A simulator has to be housed in a controlled area and all scenarios are programmed. That means that every student has enough time to face decision-making processes. A student can also learn at any time of the day – weather conditions and lighting do not affect the driving.