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Get your learners permit in Sarasota

  • We offer Online Permit Testing
  • Convenient Classroom Testing
  • Online and Classroom TLSAE Course

Learn to drive in Sarasota

  • Defensive driving instruction
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Road Skills Testing in Sarasota

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Driver's Education

A driving education class is so important for new drivers. Our goal is to make everyone an asset on the road. Our curriculum focuses on safe and confident driving practices.

This drivers ed class satisfies the state requirements for a learner’s permit in Sarasota, Florida.  You must complete the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) if you have not had a license before.


Need to get your drivers license? Make an appointment with us today! You can take the driving test at any of our locations in our vehicles.

For extra confidence, book a practice test first!

We also offer weekend and evening road test to work around your busy schedule. We are the safest choice for getting your drivers license.


Driving Lessons

In order to learn in the safest and best way we offer private one on one driving lessons. Our lessons are taught by FL state certified instructors. We can work around your schedule and offer free pick up and drop off from home, school, or work. Evening and weekend lessons are available.

Want to know more about our instructors? They are certified and background checked through the state of Florida.


Learner's Permit

Get Your Florida Learners Permit Today!

We offer all of the Florida approved courses to get your permit! All Florida Safety Institute makes the process easy for you.

To get your permit you need to take the TLSAE/START course and your permit/computer test. We offer both either online or in person.

All Florida Safety Institute is the easiest way to get your Permit!


Did you get a traffic ticket? Or is your license suspended? We offer driver improvement classes that take points off your license and fulfill court ordered requirements. 

We will guide you through the process whether you need to get points off your license or get it back from being suspended. Either situation can be burdensome and we are here to help you!

4 Hour BDI, 8 Hour IDI, 12 Hour ADI

Our Sarasota Driving School

Members of the Sarasota community can visit our Bradenton office or have our instructors come to you at your home, work or school. We know the importance of getting your drivers license so we do not like to rush things, but we know that some people procrastinate things so we will work with your schedule and time constraints to get the job done. All Florida Safety Institute owns and operates three locations on the West coast of Florida convenient to Sarasota, Clearwater and St. Pete. We do it all from teaching drivers education programs high schools to 1-on-1 driving lessons to specialty classes. Do you want to lean how to drive a stick shift car in Sarasota or do you want to know more about the safety features on your car? We have a class for you! Our student driving vehicles are registered with the FLHSMV as instructional vehicles. Read our reviews on Google and Facebook, to see why so many people love us!

Benefits of taking driving lessons as an adult in Sarasota

Most states require drivers to proof that they have completed driver education course before getting a license. However, driver education is important for motorists of every age. Actually, the prospect of getting into a driving class can be intimidating, particularly in the high-traffic areas, but if you are very new to the driving world, driving lessons will help you get started.

Most state-certified driving schools offer various driving lesson options and you will therefore get a course that will fit your needs, whether you want to learn the driving basics or you are in need of the broader driver education. If you are an adult who is very new to the driving world, the lessons will help you prepare for the licensing examination. They will also provide you with lifetime driving skills.

We offer driving lessons for both licensed drivers and drivers with a learners permit

If you already have a driver’s license, you might be thinking that driver’s education is not important. After all, you drive each day to work and back home. Here are some of the reasons you should take a driver’s course.

Identify unsafe driving habits

Most drivers start developing bad driving behaviors as soon as they get their license. Luckily, driving lessons are there to help you identify the unsafe habits and break them.

Better understanding of the traffic laws

If you regularly move out of the state, you should not worry about the traffic laws and the busy roadways. Driving lessons will help you familiarize yourself with all the traffic laws. You will also be able to drive on the busy roadways.

Drive with confidence on any roadway

Online driving lessons are customized for individual students and therefore you can focus on a particular skill. If you do not like driving on freeways, your instructor will help you become comfortable in that particular situation.

What to expect from adult driving classes

Driving lessons will help you improve your skills and drive better. However, knowing what to expect after enrolling for a class is always good. Look for school that provides the flexibility you require to meet your needs, whether you are interested in taking a full slate or a single lesson. The instructors will be ready to discuss the items with you before booking the first lesson.

During the first lesson, you will generally drive a vehicle provided by the driving school. Expect to work with trained instructors who will listen to all your concerns and help you feel more comfortable on the driver’s seat.

Driving lessons for adults should not only help you get the driver’s license; they should instill safer driving skills that you need to continue driving in our entire life.

I took several lessons with All Florida Safety Institute and I had a great experience. David Taylor was a great instructor and prepared me not only for the road skills test, but also for real-life driving situations. I passed the test on the first try, thank you All Florida Safety Institute!

Alex E.
Alex E.

My instructor was Victor. He was very nice and funny and helped me become a better driver, while also keeping the 3 hour lessons from becoming too boring. My test instructor Mark was very nice as well, he explained everything I had to do on the test. I enjoyed this experience and I get to get my license because of it!!

Katie S.
Katie S.

This institute was absolutely amazing. George taught me how to be a safe and aware driver and when i’d make mistakes as any permit driver does, he always had patience and would reassure me that I'm still learning and mistakes will happen. I always looked forward to my lessons every week and ill sure miss it but I have my license to remind me of all I've learned 🙂

Mateo F.
Mateo F.