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All Florida Safety Institute is North Florida's DHSMV authorized PRIVATE driver's license testing agent. Learn to drive from the same people issuing your Road Skills Test!

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From Permit to License... We cover it all!

With All Florida Safety Institute in Saint Augustine you can take all of the state required classes and tests, enjoy private, personalized, one-on-one driving instruction and take your Road Skills Test all in the same place! Our comprehensive lesson packages will leave you or your teen with all the knowledge and tools to pass the state test for their license, and then some.

Our Lessons run in 1.5 hour increments and start with our basic 4 lesson / 6 hour plan that will acclimate your teen to the car and driving. Our 12 hour plan is the most popular with 8 lessons and a comprehensive set of experiences designed to promote a full understanding of driving safety, awareness, skills and knowledge. Our 18, 24 and 48 hour lessons will cover the needed requirements for driver’s license testing and provide extensive hands-on driving experience for you or your teen. Each package is tailored to the individual student, please follow the link below to learn more...

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Our St. Augustine Student Driver Cars

All lessons are conducted in our specially equipped, late model, mid-sized sedans. We DO NOT use ‘mini-cars’ for our lessons. All of our student driver cars are Florida state licensed, equipped with passenger brakes and extra safety features to ensure we can provide a safe, stress-free learning environment for our students. These are the same cars and instructors that will test Class-E driver’s license applicants for their Road Skills test through our Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles approved third party testing platform.

My experience with All Florida Safety Institute Jacksonville location was great largely in part to the exceptional instructor I had Alan Stratton (Co-Founder, Lead Examiner, Driving & Class Instructor, ESE). Having recently moved to Florida but also residing in NYC I had not driven in 25 years as there was simply no need. Previously to that I was a driver British style and hard wired to do so which made for its own challenges! Alan gave expert direction, was easy to communicate with, patient and provided exceptional customer service. I did my road test with Stacy and her understanding, warm and overall disposition made an anxiety filled experience a total success! The only reason why I am not giving a 5 star rating is that there is room for some much needed changes with their call center as apparently there is only ONE person who can schedule your driving instructor and it took several calls and communications to get this set up. Hopefully this changes soon! Best Of Luck!

Aliya H.
Aliya H.

Having been trained by this institution, I am pleased and have realized that this establishment was very instrumental, professional, intelligent, and had the overall control of the subject matter of discipline in preparing students who want to be great drivers. I have no doubt that this establishment is up to the task. Friends, let me a bit specific as Josh (whom was my instructor) is such an instructor who possesses those qualities above, and I want to urge him to keep up the good work. Secondly, for the first time, I met Alan and Mike who remained hospitable to have started with me on the drugs and alcohol class and the written test preparation; made me to have been so confidence and successful in driving training and to obtained my driver's lenience. My gratefulness these guys and the institution. I hope to always be around when I have a question. Thanks guys! Reply 

John S.
John S.

Eli and Devon were very good instructors. They split my lessons and helped me pass my driving test. They were both relaxed and did not become stressed out when I made mistakes. This allowed for a safe environment and made it an enjoyable experience. I recommend these 2 for anybody that needs to learn how to drive the CORRECT way.

Matthew F.
Matthew F.

The benefits of driving lessons for adults

Above everything else, adult driver courses teach students the sense of individual responsibility when operating a motor vehicle. Drivers should know that they are not only responsible for their lives when on the road, but the lives of other people on the road too.

Here are some of the reasons you should enroll in driving school as an adult.

Knowledge of mechanics

A driver’s license is among the most important things you should have in your life, but what will happen in the event you get a flat tire or your vehicle overheats when on an important journey. You are likely to start searching for the nearest mechanic or auto shop.

Individuals who take adult driving lessons these days know exactly what to do in such cases. Adult driving lessons provide you with a chance to learn the various road rules in addition to practical car smarts. Put differently, after enrolling in an adult driving class, you will get the necessary introductory mechanical knowledge about motor vehicles. The trainers will show you the radiator and where it is situated, the oil pan and its purpose, how to change flat tires and more.

The basic mechanical information comes in handy if something goes wrong with your vehicle. You will also have the peace of mind you need when driving alone at night. To most people, the knowledge might seem inadequate but it is very important.

Understanding defensive driving techniques

Safe driving classes and driver’s education courses are now focused on providing people with the skills they need to drive defensively. That promotes safety and ensures that the drivers on our roads and highways are mindful of the safety of other people. In other words, drivers are able to spot any aggressive drivers on the road and prevent a crash. They are also able to know when it is time to get out of the road.

In an adult driver’s class, people learn how to drive in any type of weather, including icy, snow and rain conditions. At all times, the emphasis is usually on the safety and not on the aggressors on the streets.

Adult driver courses are important and are helpful in fostering lifelong focus on road safety. Some courses provide drivers with a separate certificate to show that they have completed a defensive driving course. That might lead to a significant insurance discount in the future.