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Class E Skills & Knowledge Testing State Licensed Driving School #4211

Driver's Education

A driver’s education course with a strong focus on road knowledge. Our courses will help you become safer, smarter, and more responsible behind the wheel. Deland Driving & Traffic Schools.

In order to obtain your Class E learner’s permit in Florida you must complete the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course (TLSAE). At All Florida Safety Institute we offer the TLSAE course, and extra training to prepare you for the road. 

Learner's Permit

The fastest way to get your permit! Get your learner’s permit today in Deland!

Florida has multiple state approved courses to get your learner’s permit and we offer each and every one of them. Learn how to drive with us at All Florida Safety Institute. 

Deland Driving & Traffic Schools

Once you turn 15 take the required Florida Drug and Alcohol Course (TLSAE/START) and your permit/computer test. We are dedicated to getting you on the road safely!



Come to our Deland driving school to get the best driving lessons. Taught by state certified and trained instructors in Deland. We try our hardest to work around your schedule by offering evening and weekend driving lessons as well as free pickup and drop off.             

You can learn more about our instructors on ‘our instructors’ page. Contact us and see why we are the best choice for Deland driving schools today!


Take Your Florida drivers license road test with us today. We are Florida DMV’s largest authorized license testing agent.  Take the test at OUR testing centers with in-house DMV trained examiners.

Book a practice before your test! 

Deland Driving & Traffic Schools

Weekend and evening road tests. Quick scheduling, multiple locations. No car? No problem! We have testing cars available.


Need driver improvement classes? Got a ticket and need points of your license? At our Deland driving school we offer driver improvement classes including 4 hour, 8 hour, 12 hour, aggressive driving, and 3-in-3 accident driver change courses. 

We also offer classes in different styles, to ensure one suits you! Group classes, semi-private classes, and private classes are available. 

Our Deland Driving School

Our Deland driving instructors are trained to give you the best driving school experience when it comes to customer service and confidence on the road. Whether you are an adult or a teen, we welcome you to learn safe and defensive driving tactics and take part in in our traffic school programs to get points off of your license.

Deland driving lessons and traffic school

Our courses are designed to help you get on the road safely and make the process of obtaining your Florida drivers license easy. All Florida Safety Institute conducts driving lessons in 23 student cars including 2016-2017 Ford Fusions and Focuses, Hyundai Sonatas and Honda Accords. Every one of our student driver cars is equipped with driving instructor brake controls and mirrors in addition to being registered with the FLHSMV as instructional vehicles. Our instructors are passionate about getting you on the road the right way. Read our reviews on Google and Facebook, this is the best place to learn how to drive in Deland!

For anyone looking for quality driving lessons within the Volusia County area, All Florida Safety Institute is the place to go. My driving instructor John was highly experienced and helped me to navigate most, if not all kinds of situations you could imagine. Everything was as the site described and All Florida Safety Institute merits all of these stars. The only downside is, as of me writing this review, they're slammed with calls and it can be a difficult to hear back from them due to the amount of calls they're getting. Other than that, a fantastic experience and would heartily recommend to anyone looking to get the driving experience to pass the DMV test and prepare yourself for driving.

Ryan E.
Ryan E.

I highly highly recommend All Florida Safety Institute!! My instructor John was extremely flexible with my busy schedule and was always professional, very friendly, and on time to pick me up and drop me back home. I did the 18 hour package and before my first lesson i had only been behind the wheel for 30minutes. John pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best and safest ways possible. I am sure i would not be the confident driver i am today after passing my road skills test if it were not for John and the amazing Chara, who gave me my test! I could not have asked for a better experience learning to drive in a safe, friendly, and professional environment. Thank you All Florida Safety Institute!!

Isabella G.
Isabella G.

When taking driving lessons i was respected and it was in a well known area for experience I was not rushed nor pressured and got the full experience of driving. Everything was practiced and it helped me feel a lot better about taking the road test which was also done by a very nice lady and it was in a very easy safe route. I would recommend for any teenager who is worried about their road test to get lessons done here .

Hannah M.
Hannah M.