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Class E Skills & Knowledge Testing State Licensed Driving School #4211

Driver's Education

Our Driver’s Education Course for first time drivers in Middleburg offers an intense focus on knowledge and theory while being behind the wheel.

The Drug and Alcohol Course, extra study materials, and advanced training is offered in a professional and stress free environment that ends with the Class E Knowledge Exam.

Learner's Permit

The Fastest Way to Get Your Permit

We offer all of the Florida State Approved Courses and Exams needed to get you on the road!

IT is easy to take the TLSAE/START and your Permit Test. You can take them in person at our Orange Park office or online. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you get on the road.


We offer FREE pickup and drop off from home or school for private one on one behind-the-wheel driving lessons.

Driving Instructors are State Certified and Background Checked  from Our Middleburg Driving school! Quality New Model Cars modified with instructor controls. Come See why we are the best and safest choice for your family.


We are your number one choice DMV Authorized License Testing Agents. Take the driver's license test at our local offices with one of our trusted instructors in Florida. Get Your Florida Drivers License with us today!

Optional Practice Exam available before your Exam!

Scheduling is Quick and Easy. We have Testing Cars Available And Offer Weekend and Evening Road Tests at Our Middleburg Driving school for you.


Need help getting points off of your license? We offer all driver improvement classes: 4 hour, 8 hour, 12 hour and more classes both online and in person. Classes offered in Aggressive Driving and also the 3-in-3 Accident Driver Change Courses available.

Schedules available at Our Middleburg Driving school for Group, Semi-Private and Private Classes.

Check it out!

Learner's Permit Courses and Test

  • Online Permit Testing
  • Classroom Testing
  • Online and Classroom TLSAE Course

 Driving Lessons

  • Private 1 on 1 Lessons
  • Florida State Certified Instructors
  • Weekends & Evenings
  • FREE Pick Up and Drop Of

Private Road Skills Testing

  • Quick Scheduling
  • No more Lines!
  • Use our Vehicles

Keith is an awesome Instructor. My Daughter learned a ton from him. Thank you Keith. Paul was very informative after my Daughter took her test. Gave her (and I) pointers for my Daughters future driving experiences. The price was awesome, they pick up the student and are on time. Could not be happier with our experience. I have 3 more kids.... all will use their services. A+++

Jen S.
Jen S.

I would highly recommend them. Their drivers are firm, yet friendly. They work with student drivers in many different situations. Best yet, they are directly hooked up with the DMV so when the student passes the driving test with them they don't have to take/re-take the driving test with the DMV.

Julia S.
Julia S.

Alaen was a great instructor. My approach and understanding on driving was definitely shifted when I started driving with him. Now, I honestly feel like I am a much safer driver. As an instructor, he was very nice and fun to talk to, but when I needed to do or learn something he was direct and clear. He prepared more for the perfect score I got on the road test. I can say I am more confident on the road now. I recommend this great driving school!

Gabriel B.
Gabriel B.

Why take driving lessons with us?

All Florida Safety Institute offers various advanced driving programs. It is among the few schools that offer driver training beyond what the law requires for licensing. The advanced courses include performance driving, defensive driving and racing. Here are the courses to try.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is fundamentally driving in a way that employs safe driving strategies to help motorists address identified hazards in more predictable manner. The strategies learned are beyond the instructions on traffic laws and basic procedures.

In defensive driving classes, drivers learn how to improve their basic driving skills by minimizing driving risks. To reduce risks, they have to anticipate situations and make safer well-informed decisions. They implement such decisions depending on the condition of the environmental and road conditions.

One benefit of taking defensive driving classes relates to reduction of the points on a driver’s license and reduction of insurance rates. In most states, completing a defensive driving course means a 10% reduction in the insurance rates for a three to five year period. The state regulates contents of defensive driving courses and schools teach according to the road and traffic laws of the involved state.

Performance Driving

Performance driving principles help increase driver awareness and competency. The key to success is information, instructions, repetition and experience. Performance driving course will help you improve your driving regardless of your experience.

The unique driver’s course offers many different driving scenarios such as acceleration, braking and cornering combinations. The whole process is challenging to most drivers and the ability to reach quickly results from heightened vision steering control (VSC).

Driver trainers at All Florida Safety Institute will work to improve the level of your performance through structured in-car coaching. Apart from your vehicle, you will have a chance to drive other types of cars including 4WD’s, commercial vehicles and off road vehicles depending on your needs.  

The course is 90% hands-on and you will therefore be challenged consistently throughout the day. The vehicle dynamics along with more advanced driving principles will make you a competent driver.

Driving instructors with All Florida Safety Institute are trained to provide you with the best driving experience when it comes to confidence when driving and customer service. Actually, young drivers should learn defensive and safe driving skills and participate in traffic school programs to maintain clean driving licenses.

Choosing a driving school

To most young drivers, the process of selecting a driving is seemingly complicated. However, it should not be like that. To choose a driver’s school, start by checking the quality of their training. The quality of training is the most important aspect.

The school should have clear instruction manuals and experienced instructors. Remember to ask questions about the people who work in the school and how the school runs. That will make a huge difference.

The process of singling out the best driving school is similar to that of selecting the best smartphone inside the market. Think about all your future needs. Seeing your friends, going to school, working, training… a lot will happen in your life. Organize your schedule by enrolling in a driving school that will adapt your lifestyle.

Why you should opt for young drivers’ training

Young drivers can benefit from driving school courses in various ways. Here are some of the benefits associated with driving school certificates.

Reduced insurance rates

Did you know that a driver’s training certificate could significantly reduce your automobile insurance? Now you know. The discounts you get will highly depend on the insurance provider and the coverage. Start by contacting your insurance company or agent for quotes.

Increased awareness

Driving education provides young drivers with the skills they require to drive for many years and in the right way. In Florida driving schools, drivers learn traffic and road laws and the right techniques they should use to operate motor vehicles. In that sense, driver education provides the foundation for effective and safer driving in every situation.

More driving practice

The right driver education in Florida provides you with an opportunity to get experience that is more valuable and more hours for practice. In-car practice increases the chances of passing all driving tests.

Better driving record

With the right driver education and adequate experience, you are unlikely to develop bad driving habits that might lead to increased number of accidents, tickets and infractions. You will be able to avoid driving tickets throughout your driving career.

A driving course will not only provide you with the skills you need to drive safely, it will help reduce your motor vehicle insurance expenses. Enroll in a driving school today.