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8 Easy Steps to Your License

Before beginning the licensing process, it is important to understand what is expected of you. The State of Florida uses a graduated driver licensing process, which means you must complete the previous steps before advancing.

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Understand the scale and scope of driving and the responsibilities involved is important. While it is not required in the state of Florida, Drivers Education classes are valuable sources of information. Our 32-Hour in-class drivers ed program will also satisfy steps 3&4 here!

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The first officially required step for all license applicants regardless of age. Anyone can take the course on our website online, but we also offer it in-person for those who want a more hands-on approach.

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The next official required step is to complete your knowledge test. This is also known as the permit test. These under 18 and over must take this test in person at one of our offices. We also offer tutoring sessions to help prepare you for taking this test and have practice tests available written by our on-staff licensing examiners to help you prepare.

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After completion of your TLSAE course and the knowledge exam (steps 3&4), you may now apply for a Florida Class E Learner’s Permit License. You will need proof of identification and proof of residency in Florida to bring with you to the local tax collector or DMV office. Our students that have already completed steps 3&4 do not need an appointment in most locations to obtain the permit.

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With your permit in hand, you can now practice driving. Taking professional instruction from our licensed and certified instruction team can help with learning car control, defensive driving and our predictive driving as well as prepare you for the State Drivers Skills Test. Regardless of age, you must have a physical permit to practice driving. The State of Florida requires 50 hours at minimum of Driving with 10 hours at night before you can get your Class E Drivers License. We have programs for lessons and practice with our trained instructors and licensing examiners, so you have the best opportunity to learn and pass the test the first time.

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With some practice behind-the-wheel under your belt you will be ready to take the Florida Class E Road Skills Test, or commonly know as the Road Test. Administered by our certified drivers license examiners our Road Test replaces the State DMV road test and upon passing qualifies you for your Class E Drivers License. Don’t forget we offer practice sessions with our examiners prior to the test and we have cars and transportation available for those that need it.

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Having passed your road test and reached your eligibility day if you are under 18 its time to get your license! 18+ are already eligible and may go directly after passing the test. Once you take your test with us your results are automatically uploaded in the state system and you need to take your permit to the local tax collector or DMV office. Make sure you pick out a nice shirt and do your hair…say cheese you will get a new picture for your final License! Don’t forget our post license courses for specialty driving including manual shift training.

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