READY-ASSESS™ is a self-guided
diagnostic test that safely exposes
drivers to the types of driving
situations that cause the most
amount of injury.


READY-ASSESS™ is a realistic test of safe-driving skills developed by scientists with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In about 10 to 15 minutes it puts a driver in a series of common and dangerous driving situations — the types of events that don’t always come up when practice-driving or during lessons. What you get is a very detailed and personalized report of your safe-driving skills. This report will include:
  • An overall result comparing you to the tens of thousands of others who have taken the exact same test.
  • Feedback on how you performed in crash scenarios that represent about 40% of all serious crashes.
  • Details on specific aspects of your driving that you should work on during lessons or when practicing on your own.
  • Links to safe-driving videos developed by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and tailored to your specific areas in need of improvement.
  • Click here to view this info in PDF format.


As instructors, we recommend READY-ASSESS™ because it gives us a complete sense of our student’s strengths and weaknesses. Nothing can replace behind the wheel lessons, but this test offers something that isn’t typically possible during lessons – exposure to the most common serious crash scenarios and a completely standardized diagnostic experience that compares a student to tens of thousands of others who took the exact same test. By combining READY-ASSESS™ with traditional lessons we have the best sense of where a student is at and what he or she should work on during lessons.


Newley Licensed Drivers

New Drivers with Special Medical Conditions

Learner Drivers, with or Without an Instructional Permit

Immigrant and Senior Drivers

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