Frequently Asked Questions

You can check the status of your Florida License on the DHSMV website here.

As a Third Party Administer here in Florida, all road skills testing applicants are required to hold a valid learner’s permit in the state.

Any information contained within the Florida Driver’s Handbook is fair game for the test. The test is non-discriminant of age as the same test is given to teens and adults alike.

We’ve compiled a page with all the information you need to get you up to speed located here.

To take your Skills Test through us, yes. It is a common misconception that if you are over 18 you do not need a learner’s license. The only difference between those under 18 versus over is that individuals over 18 do not have to hold a permit for any given length of time. You can go from permit to license on the same day if you have the experience necessary to comfortably pass the skills test.

Yes, as a division of All Florida Safety Institute we are one of Florida’s Largest TPA’s. You can view the official list on the DHSMV site here.

If you’re a US Citizen, we need the last 5 digits of your Social Security Number, and some form of photo ID (State ID, Passport etc…) or your birth certificate. If you are a non-US Citizen we will need your passport and a copy of your I-94 Admissions form or Green Card. If you are under the age of 18, you are permitted to take the test online, however, those over 18 must take the test in one of our offices.

The road skills test is a basic skills examination designed to test your BASIC operation of a motor vehicle. Please see this form outlining the test.

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