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Being able to drive yourself where you want to go is one of the most important parts of retaining your independence. Whether it be something as simple as a quick run to the store for something missing from a recipe or a long trip across borderlines, keeping your life in your own hands depends to some extent on the keys being there too.


Stay on the road

The All Florida safety institute helps you stay on the road headed in you need to go through the trusted guidance of our trained instructor’s. their job from the moment you connect to us is to keep you safe, confident, and moving on the road. Our team understands the importance of staying on the road as long as possible: through personalized instruction, drivers will hone the skills necessary to remaining on the road years after doubters said they would not be able to. More than eighty percent of past students report high levels of satisfaction at extending their abilities to operate independently.

Our high level of student satisfaction and success comes from our dynamic approach to driving. All Florida Safety Institute evaluates your driving and then designs a plan to modify your driving to be the best possible for as long as possible. To achieve this instructors may advise adding or changing equipment like convex and rear view mirrors, blinkers, etc. The driving courses may also be altered or customized to assist in re learning or practicing difficult maneuvers like lane changing, parking, or difficult turns. One way All Florida Safety institute works to achieve these goals is to work up to the difficult task with smaller tasks to build confidence and necessary skills.

All Florida Driving Institute provides a thorough evaluation of student’s driving to best match them to the comprehensive driving program that will keep them on the road. Re-education courses and additional advice, like when a vehicle needs modifications, keep the driver going well beyond what they otherwise would have been able to. In the event the driver is not able to continue on the road, extensive information and guidance for assisted transportation will help make the transition to retiring from driving much easier.

In consulting with their physicians drivers will gain valuable insight and information with which to inform counselling of patients who may be recovering from surgery, injury, or are encountering the limits of old age. The increased focus on the development of driver’s skills seeks to increase their development along the lines of a holistic approach that incorporates mind, body, spirit, life experience, and will to keep drivers headed where they want to go.

All Florida driving institute exists to build the utmost confidence in senior’s driving: driver’s confidence in themselves to remain independent and on the road, and family and friends’ confidence in their loved one’s ability to safely and happily live their lives behind the wheel of their own life.


You are never too old to learn to drive as long as you are mentally and physically healthy you are eligible for a driver's license. We have taught many seniors to drive safely and learn new skills.

A specialized set of lesson plans for a more in-depth training:

  • Nighttime Driving Lessons
  • Manual Transmission Driving Lessons
  • Highway Driving Classes

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The benefits of driving lessons for adults

Above everything else, adult driver courses teach students the sense of individual responsibility when operating a motor vehicle. Drivers should know that they are not only responsible for their lives when on the road, but the lives of other people on the road too. Here are some of the reasons you should enroll in an adult driving school.

Knowledge of mechanics

A driver’s license is among the most important things you should have in your life, but what will happen in the event you get a flat tire or your vehicle overheats when on an important journey. You are likely to start searching for the nearest mechanic or auto shop.

Individuals who take adult driving lessons these days know exactly what to do in such cases. Adult driving lessons provide you with a chance to learn the various road rules in addition to practical car smarts. Put differently, after enrolling in an adult driving class, you will get the necessary introductory mechanical knowledge about motor vehicles. The trainers will show you the radiator and where it is situated, the oil pan and its purpose, how to change flat tires and more.

The basic mechanical information comes in handy if something goes wrong with your vehicle. You will also have the peace of mind you need when driving alone at night. To most people, the knowledge might seem inadequate but it is very important.

Understanding defensive driving techniques

Safe driving classes and driver’s education courses are now focused on providing people with the skills they need to drive defensively. That promotes safety and ensures that the drivers on our roads and highways are mindful of the safety of other people. In other words, drivers are able to spot any aggressive drivers on the road and prevent a crash. They are also able to know when it is time to get out of the road.

In an adult driver’s class, people learn how to drive in any type of weather, including icy, snow and rain conditions. At all times, the emphasis is usually on the safety and not on the aggressors on the streets.

Adult driver courses are important and are helpful in fostering lifelong focus on road safety. Some courses provide drivers with a separate certificate to show that they have completed a defensive driving course. That might lead to a significant insurance discount in the future.

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