Adjust your car mirrors properly

Inside the car during a Florida driving lesson

Learn To Adjust Your Car Mirrors

Even though the modern vehicles feature mirrors that adjust themselves automatically, you have to adjust them correctly to prevent putting your life and that of others at a risk.

As a good driver, you have to adjust the three rear view mirrors to minimize the blind spots and get a wider view. That is more important on multi-lane highways, where you have to see the vehicles on both sides clearly. Because most drivers fail to turn the outside mirrors far enough, they simply duplicate one scene on the three mirrors. As a rule of thumb, you should know that you have turned the outside mirrors too far inwards if you can see a glimpse of your car’s sides.

The driver’s seat position is important

After entering your car, you should not start driving immediately. You have to adjust the steering wheel, fasten the safety belt, and adjust the three rear-view mirrors. Adjust the driver’s seat to a higher position so that you can see the road clearly and in a position where you can reach the car’s controls.

Some newer vehicles boast telescoping and tilt steering columns that help the driver get comfortable. Ford Motor Company vehicles like Mercury, Ford, and Jaguar provide foot pedals that are electrically adjustable to allow medium, tall and short drivers comfortable driving experience. If driver’s seat is not adjustable and you are still sitting low, ask your mechanic to raise it permanently or use set cushion. Do that before you put on the safety belt.

Adjusting your car's mirrors

  • The interior rear-view mirror

Position the mirror so that you can see out of your rear window clearly. Situate the day/night switch at the day position when driving during daytime. The night setting should reduce headlight glare from behind your car. Automatic mirrors darken to minimize the glare from cars approaching from behind. The mirrors become darker as the glare gets brighter to make nighttime driving safer. You can order an auto-dimming rear-view mirror separately. The headlight glare from vehicles approaching from behind can blind you temporarily therefore increasing the reaction time.


  • The exterior rear-view mirrors

Most drivers adjust the side-view mirrors so that they can see their car’s side on the mirror’s inside edge. When you use the criteria to adjust the mirrors, you will be creating huge blind spots. Adjust the mirrors so that you cannot see the sides. That way, you will have solved the blind spot problem.

For the side-view mirror on the driver’s side, position your head against the window when adjusting it. Now, adjust the mirror until you can see the side of your car. To adjust the passenger’s side-view mirror, position your head in your vehicle’s center line and adjust the mirror until you can see the side of the car. Now, you can start driving. Safe driving is important, if you get in an accident or get a ticket you may have to attend traffic school.

With the settings configured to your height, you will have complete visual coverage around the car and you will therefore detect the vehicles around you. For example, when a car on the lanes to your left is passing you, you will clearly see its progress through the rear-view mirror and the left side mirror. Before you start moving with the adjusted mirrors test them with your car parked.